Come Blog With Me!

Yes as we did so long ago; I actually blogged the days away briefly a few years ago, but now when it’s even more pointless, I will Blog Yet Again! ... With dubious junk scraped-off my existing web pages, historic and demented political rants, and the odd journal entry. ... Well really the selection may be slim, but just wait until my poetic nature blooms in the vivid but dim light of bloggery!

... Please use that wretched frame that should be on the left to choose among the many tantalizing subjects. ... And forgive me as the merry HTML sends you into ever-receding frames or the starry reaches of intergalactic bloggery....

... Also note that I reserve the right to edit these things even after their dates of publication, as I notice the embarrassing errors which can only be detected after the thing has been on the web for a few days or years....

And the only useful thing I found in my old blog, our thought for the days:

The brotherhood of man is not a mere poet’s dream: it is a most depressing and humiliating reality.

— Oscar Wilde, according to The American Spectator (5/02)

But then there’s this deathless sentiment:

I do not accept that “mostly people do not tell the truth”. I’m a passionate believer in the fundamental goodness of the human soul. We are all born unblemished, with truth in our heart. Deceit is a difficult trick that we must learn as adults, if we want to survive but it never comes naturally and the truth always struggles to break free, like a larval alien from the chest of an astonished John Hurt.

— Luis Villazon, PCFormat 11/10 page 88

On a cheerier note,

Adventures are the real business of life. The rest is only in-betweenness — what Albert’s uncle calls padding. He is an author.

— E. Nesbit, The Runaways

Also remember

If you know too much, you’ll get old too soon

— Tartlet Grushenka in Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov