... Note that just for the heck of it the search links to my alternate AT&T site, helping to maintain these vital services in the event additional morons fling at owen_labs giant planes ... perhaps SUVs ... bicycles? ... Well Compuserve got there first, apparently sinking into the sand and now Tuesday, January 8, 2002 6:16 pm AT&T is the only Owen_Labs site....

.... Left that bit of antique history here for your amusement & edification; but now at last we search this current site whatever it is, and all is glorious & serene. ... And the freefind people still provide free search! For all! ... After all these years! ... Incidentally once you get to the page supposedly containing the precious information for which you seek, you have to use the browser’s “find” feature to actually locate where on the page it might be lurking. ... This ain’t no google! ... Ha ha ha! I went through the trouble and installed the exciting google search thing down there — and google doesn’t seek-out the reference on the page either! ... Dolt! ... I do nothing but google all day; I’m constantly clicking that “highlight” thing in firefox because I can’t find the target aprés control-F....

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A Google Search?!?

The kindly individual at provided some javascript mumbo-jumbo which, after my unlicensed and probably-catastrophic mutilations, might allow you to actually google my site! ... The excitement always mounts....

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