Wednesday, November 3, 2004. So it occurred to me, in the dark hours when it seemed the progressive cadres might still steal the election, that it’s true liberals have a more subtle, nuanced approach to terrorism. Naturally Kerry lied about his actual military intentions, which are essentially pacifistic, but liberals also habitually lie about their real preferences in foreign policy, which boil down to a simple creed: bribery.

After all, what is the U.N.? Does anyone believe this shoddy anti-semitic debating society does anything for peace and freedom, except provide a conduit for vast subsidies from the United States treasury to various tinpot dictatorships we’d like to keep quiet without being too obvious? That’s why liberals really love the U.N.

And their silly socialist pious platitudes versus the actual reality of funds transfer don’t contradict each other so much at that: socialism is, basically, a matter of finding some guy with girls, food, money, etc., hitting him on the head, and taking his stuff. Liberalism just wants to organize things nicely, and as some idiot said, bring the people schools and clean water like Osama does — i.e. bribe terrorist potentates to stop bombing us. ...