An Outstanding National Geographic Cover

6/08/04. It’s a kind of a Jeopardy® game question:

Answer: A traffic jam.

Question: What doesn’t happen when you run out of gas?

It’s so true, it’s so vivid, it’s so dumb.... The eco-nuts at National Geographic are in favor of higher gas prices, like the scintillating Senator Kerry who voted repeatedly for tax hikes on gas because higher gas prices mean fewer evil polluting cars on the road — what all decent Gaia-fearing folk want!

But apparently the National Geographic cover thinks Kerry was wrong: more expensive gasoline encourages driving! It’s amazing, no!? So kudos to the magazine for arguably the stupidest ecology cover ever! ... Though judging from their web site, they might be a little shy about the honor. ... As for me, I don’t drive that much and my 1993 Geo has no more than three cylinders, stalls when the air conditioner goes on — but is relatively cheap to refill! So I generally like it when the gas prices go up, ’cause it clears the riff-raff from the road, with their giant looming truckmobiles plastered with ecology stickers.... Same reason I like higher tolls at the Midtown Tunnel, through which we are doomed to Travel to the Great Satan on a regular basis....