The Polls Lie

Friday, June 8, 2012 12:38 pm

What do we know about Wisconsin? ... We used to know that the race was head-to-head “according to polls”. But it was never head-to-head; Walker won by 7 points. So what do we know now?

1. We know that polling lies; about 5% or so. Please find for me the numerous statistical errors where the Republican was “accidentally” 5 points ahead of the actual count. There aren’t any; not in my lifetime.

2. We know that the Democrat candidate thug knew the exit polls were a lie. Otherwise he would’ve gotten a judgeocrat to hold the polls open and an amazing number of dubious creatures all astonishingly with the same municipal building address would’ve turned the tide. He didn’t do that; therefore, he knew.

The 5% is what the communists think they can get away with. A nominal value; some elections are worth / can withstand larger lies. It’s like my own 5% penetration notion, that new technical fads evaporate after some portion of the population has actually used the thing and discovered its worthlessness — the whole gamut of things, from facebook to twitter....

Lying Democrat polls have a comparable fudge tolerance; generally they feel up to 5%’ll be justifiable as the legendary “honest mistake”. ... If you believe them. It’s really an estimate of voter credulity; that is, how many times we can be fooled.