Fri 8/11/2006 11:16 am. The whole idea of a “rational life” is hubris. We would dictate to reality what it is!? We will lay down the law, from our perfect rational perch, master of all concepts we survey!?

Deep thinkers are so disdainful of biblical domination of the environment, but then do the same thing to all reality!

God is as “real” as love. Indeed, some progressives do make an effort to reduce love to hormonal disturbances, a mere chemical chimera. If that works for you — you are still delusional. You still do not know what is the meaning of reality. And you never will. None of us will. It is not in our world; we cannot know these things. Only God can. He may or may not “exist”; His nature is a mystery to us. And if we like, we can live our lives despising the idea of Him, and ignoring His presence, if any. But we cannot know.

We are still children on the beach, marveling at the life in the pools, mystified by everything. We can “grow up” and pretend to understand everything — but we don’t. We can’t.

We can only pray for mercy from God, or life, or whatever it is we do here.