The Biden Landslide

Sun 10/18/2020 11:20 am. Once again the forces of righteous communism are on the march, and things are looking grim for our beloved fascist president. Every decent woke communist is for Biden, overwhelmingly! 1200 points ahead even today! It’s amazing!

President Hillary is very gratified at the obvious verdict of the people. Everywhere the excitement grows, as preparations are underway for the inevitable trump war crimes tribunals. The People Will Not Be Defied!

And thank goodness we have the people of the world totally with the Free People of the People’s Republic of the Divided States — except for those EVIL brexit brits. ... And the despicable capitilist election-meddling putin.

Both Sides Now

The effect of the Biden landslide’s totally unbiased and non-partisan polling has, ironically, benefited the despicable fascists immensely, with the pitiful capitilist swine crawling over broken glass/donations to shore-up their historically-doomed class & kind. Contrariwise, it induces complacency in the heroic freedom fighters of the left, who are so terribly subtle they will not bother with an election all-but already won by their new class. Indeed, a biden campaign official tweeted that the heroic communist-front members should act as if they were behind, despite the wonderful obliterating polls...

1/4/20: The Communist Landslide

And here I thought these commies were just pitifully bad electioneers — but no! Apparently large chunks of the electorate respond positively to riots and arson and covid extortion! But for me the contest is over; Trump’s smart but apparently not smart enough, and ’though his attack lawyers may still pry the presidency from the pitiful whimpering hordes of starving male menstruators — actually the unanimous unbiased totally no-partisan media headlines sort of suggest it — but I don’t think anything less than a massive trump victory would’ve contained the exciting so-looked-forward-to communist moral plague. ... But que será será u know....

And really, that he had such a close race against a virtual corpse plus arson & riots — it does not speak well of the trumpster. There are no theoretical politics (at least until the democrats finally fix everything): people are elected because they get votes, and the bottom line is Trump didn’t get enough votes ... maybe. ... But it is amusing to watch the communists squeal ’cause Trump won’t accept the obvious decision of the Great Nullity Gaia what rules us all, & he dares to challenge obviously-corrupt counts in the courts! ... That should be illegal! Only democrats get to do that!

The Bright Side

And I realized that, ’though hopeless it may be, the trumpster is performing an important public service — legitimizing Republican court whining after losing an election! ... In my enormously-long lifetime, I believe there has always been a tacit understanding that republicans must win by a sufficient margin to make court challenges impossible, i.e. from the kindly non-litigious unbiased non-partisan communists — and if they can’t do that, they should quietly give-up like the gentle-born gentlemen they are. ... And, inspiringly, Trump is breaking that gentlemanly precedent, along with so many things, and also he got so many pro-America judges appointed, not to mention the supreme soviet, that republican challenges might succeed — which of course they never would, when the judgocracy was totally democrat, because as we all know, democrat judgocrats, like the mainstream media, are totally unbiased and non-partisan.

... But still, sadly, my days of vicarious participation in one of the most annoying presidencies of all time are, I am afraid, drawing to a close — the annoyance, to be sure, entirely confined to hate-america democrats and RINOs. ... But now I can move on to gloriouis grumbling about how it used to be, sonny, when we didn’t riot & arson, no sirree. ... Although actually in my liberal criminal youth I probably would’ve enjoyed it thoroughly.....

Obiter Dictum

Really, the politics is silly; I’ve realized this for many years. One of the most beneficial effects of our historic tyrannies was the coining of money, which is quite intrusive, as the heroic/crazy Ayn Rand appreciated. If the kids want the gubmint to change their diapers — well, so be it! ... I think I object most to the lying. One of the nicest things about tyrants is they don’t bother lying to the people, at least on the usual BS virtue signaling c--p. I can actually recall my liberal criminal past when, along with so many morons, I figured stealing was OK. I mean, why not? Property is theft, etc. ... Of course as with so many things I was never very good at crime, but I think even then the lying part still daunted me. ... & still does....